LoRaWAN Data Logger / Telemetry Unit




The TBSL1 is a flexible telemetry unit with SDI-12, pulse and analogue inputs. What makes the product unique it can be switched between LoRa WAN and mobile transmission simply by changing the Modem board. This takes a couple of minutes: the firmware automatically detects the change and adjusts its transmission method to suit. So you no longer need to carry different devices for the different networks, the TBSL1 can do it all. Both the LoRa WAN and 4G versions of the TBSL1 send their data to the Tekbox IoT Broker, from where it can be sent to our Sensori platform or to any other presentation package.




The TBSL1 is built around a vented enclosure. Connections to external sensors are made via M14 connectors on the bottom of the case.. Power comes from an external solar cell  and the main PCB includes a built in battery charger with Lithium battery. The LS1 includes a DC-DC converter which generates the 12V supply needed for the SDI-12 sensors.




The L1 is programmed using Tekbox’s LoRaWAN GUI (Graphical User Interface) a Windows program, supplied free of charge to purchasers of the  TSB12 or L1. Using the GUI, users can set all of the LoRaWAN communications parameters (network and application session keys, device ID, operating frequencies etc) and set up the commands needed to read the attached SDI-12 sensors. In addition, the GUI supports a direct command mode, allowing users to send commands to either the LoRaWAN Modem or SDI-12 sensors.