TBS 12






The first variant of the TBS12 was integrated into the body of the Otto Soil Moisture Probe and used to prove the concept. With power from a single use Lithium battery, the unit proved a valuable test bed and fed information back in to  the development of the fully fledged version.




The TBS12 is available with either a single use battery or solar charged battery. The former  can be used in applications with low sensor counts and long log / transmit intervals. The latter  is perfect for multi-sensor probes, multi-sensor configurations and for applications requiring short log / transfer rates (e.g. 15 min).




To keep installation simple, sensor connections are made using Cage clamps (rather than screw terminals). Configuration and testing are carried out over a USB po rt..




SDI-12  to LoRaWAN Bridge Battery Powered




The TBS12B is a simple SDI-12 to LoRaWAN Bridge suitable for a range of simple monitoring applications. The TBS12E is supplied in a powder coated aluminium case and is powered by a set of 3 off C sized alkaline batteries. In most applications these will easily provide a year’s data between battery changes. The case is fitted with an antenna connector on top and a sensor socket on bottom. You can connect a wide range of SDI-12 compliant sensors to the TBS12.




SDI-12  to LoRaWAN Bridge Solar Powered




Like the TBS12B, the TBS12S is a bridge which allows you to connect any SDI-12 compatible sensors to the LoRa WAN network. But the TBS12S includes an on board 2W solar panel and internal rechargeable battery.




Dual Inpit Pulse - Alarm Unit


tbs12pc in enclosure 2_120


The TBS12PC-FS is a compact PCB with power from eother a pair of on board AA cells or an external 3.6V cell. It carries two digital inputs and may be programmed to operate as either a dual input pulse counter module or as a tow input alarm generator.
In pulse counter mode the TBS12PC-FS may be connected to pulse flow meters or rain gauges. It regularly reports the flow or rain for the logging period and a totaliser.
In Field Switch or event modem the unit monitors the two inputs and sends an alarm packet as soon as either input turns on or off. The unit also sends regular “stay alive” packets so you know that it is running correctly. The unit can then be used as an end bay detector, to detect gate opening and for a range of other applications.


Tekbox LoRaWAN Broker






Whilst most suppliers want to lock you in to a single end to end solution (from node to display) we believe in the importance of choice: leaving you to select the SDI-12 sensor of choice, to feed it to the LoRaWAN Network of your choice and to display it in the presentation software of your choice.




To support this, TekBox have developed a MiddleWare server application (Broker)  which takes the characters  produced by the Lora WAN Server and adds all of the Meta-Data needed to turn it in to useful data: information such as the tag’s  Measurement Units, validation limits, display limits ; device level information such as the site’s GPS coordinates and time zone. The MiddleWare then provides flexible tools with which you can access both the raw and meta data: MQTT,  CSV, text, XML and JSON formats, FTP export etc. If you have a custom API we will add support for that as well.