Drop in Replacement Sensors fo50mm r EnviroScan and C-Probes



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What it is


The Otto-50 is designed to break the high cost of ownership of traditional 50mm capacitance probes The probes feature an SDI-12 interface and can be installed into any existing 50mm capacitance probe tube.


Flexible Configuration


The probes may be built in lengths of 30cm to 200cm and can be fitted with from 2 to 15 sensors. The sensor elements can be installed at 10cm increments along the probe body and, to save cost, depths can be skipped by inserting spacer boards of 10, 20 or 30cm length.


Form Factor


The 50mm form factor allows the sensors to be used in place of any of the current 50 mm continuous and swipe style sensors. If you have existing probes and are sick of paying the high maintenance costs then the Otto-50 is the product for you. If you have swipe and go tubes and are looking at converting to continuous monitoring, the Otto-50 offers you a well priced solution. One that is compatible not just with our telemetry, but with that from a huge range of other vendors too.


Data Logging


The Otto’s SDI-12 interface allows the probes to be connected to any SDI-12 compatible logging device. Each sensor element returns Soil Moisture (%) and soil temperature (degrees C).




The Otto  sensors come with a default air-water calibration and users can select  generic soil calibrations for sand, potting mix and clay. Users can perform their own soil specific calibration and save the obtained calibration coefficients on to  the probe. The Otto probes are the first capacitance probe to include soil temperature compensation: allowing users to remove the changes in indicated moisture caused by variations in the dielectric properties of the soil with temperature.


Maintenance Free Sub Surface


The sub-surface Otto probes are fully sealed and the internal electronics potted to protect against moisture ingress. The sub-surface probes require no ongoing maintenance and can be buried below the soil  surface. This makes them ideal for broadacre farming and for turf and pasture.


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