Data Hosting


Servers and Web




More than ever before, customers expect access to their data any time, anywhere. But not only that, they expect to do so on any device: PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone. Meeting those expectations means making data over the Internet  (or the cloud if you want to use the current lingo, but remember the cloud is nothing new - it’s just a catchy new name for something which has been around for years).




Adcon Telemetry’s powerful data visualisation package




addVANTAGE Pro today is the result of a 20 year product evolution - from a simple PC package, to a class leading, powerful server based application capable of serving up data to hundreds of customers and thousands of devices. Unlike many platforms which stop at giving you data on a graph, addVANTAGE Pro includes disease modeling, statistical summaries, data validation and user programmable calculations. It offers a post processing capability rarely seen


Adcon’s telemetry units offer reliability and flexibility, with a combination of RF and cellular technologies available.  Although we don’t supply the Adcon RTUs we work closely with a number of companies who do and offer a hosting service for data collected from the units.




YDOC’s PC or Server based package




YDOC Insights may be run in-house on a single PC or may be run on a server, using the program’s web services to make the data available to remote users.


Insights comprises a number of  modules, each of which performs a different task: data collection, alarm scanning, reporting, web services, backup.






TOIP Server


On our server page you will find links to the two servers. If you want to access them directly, add the port shown below to the URL:

addVANTAGE Pro:   :8080     Insights  :8585