The TBS12S is a solar powered version of the TBS12 intended for applications which require frequent logging and long range. Like the other TBS12 variants, it is SDI-12 only. If you require analogue or pulse sensors as well, look at the TBSL1. which is built around a polycarbonate case with integrated solar panel.




A 7 pin M14 connector on the bottom of the case connects to the SDI-12 sensors. To keep power consumption down, the TBS12S uses a Serial port for programming rather than a USB port. A “TTL to USB” adaptor is connected to a plug inside the unit for configuration and testing.
As an option, the programming port may also be brought out on the 7 pin M14 connector and an adaptor cable used to allow connection of the probe and computer to the unit. If this option is installed, the TBS12S can be programmed without needing to open the case.
The radio antenna fits on to a TNC connector on top of the TBS12S case. If needed, the unit’s range can be further tended by fitting an external antenna with 2m of coaxial cable and mounting this on an extension pole above the TBS12S.