LoRa WAN Telemetry units for Flow Meters and Rain Gauges




The TBS12PC-FS is a compact module which may be used in two modes: as a dual input pulse counter for rain / flow monitoring or as a dual input alarm unit.
The TBS12PC-FS can be supplied as a bare PCB or pre-mounted in an enclosure.
 In standard form the unit is powered via a pair of AA sized alkaline batteries.
 For longer life you can power the board from an external 3.6V battery - such as a 13 or 18 AH D sized lithium cell or from a solar charge system with 3V output.




When set to “PC” mode, the TBS12PC-FS acts as a dual input pulse logger. It can be used to read rain gauges or pulse flow meters.
 Once configured with details of the quantity of flow or rain represented by each pulse, the unit will report flow or rain for each log period and maintain a Totaliser which continues to count up. In flow metering applications, this can be set to a value which matches the front panel display.




In TBS12FS mode, the TBS12PC-FS acts as a state or alarm detection unit. When the inputs are idle, the unit sends a regular stay alive packet, showing the current switch status.
 But when an input turns on, an immediate alarm packet is sent. Similarly, when the switch releases, a second packet is sent. The unit can thus be used to alert users to the fact that an input has been triggered and to track how long it remains on for.
 You can use the TBS12FS in applications such as end bay monitoring (for surface irrigation) in security applications and to monitor the status of gates and other mechanical structures.