Battery Powered SDI-12 to LoRa WAN Bridge

The TBS12B is intended for use in applications where a solar panel is not a viable option. This may be for indoor locations such as greenhouses or for tree crops where the canopy blocks out the sun.
 The TBS12B is built into the same powder-coated aluminium case as the TBSL1. Rather than use expensive Lithium batteries, the TBSL1 relies on a set of 3 off D sized  Alkaline batteries, which are both cheap and readily available. To further boost the product’s green credentials you can even power it from a set of long life rechargeable cells, which are simply swapped out for charged cells as the battery voltage starts to dip.
  Like the TBS12S, the sensors connect via a 7 pin M14 connector.




.The TBS12B is a battery powered LoRa WAN telemetry unit with an SDI-12 interface. It can be connected to a wide range of SDI-12 sensors.
 You can connect more than one sensor at a time to the TBS12B - each must just be set to a separate SDI-12 address.
 You configure the TBS12B with the TBS12 GUI: here you can set all of the LoRa WAN parameters and the details of the attached sensors.
 The unit may be used on either the official AU915 channel plan or the alternative AS923 channel plan.