The TBS12 family of LoRa WAN telemetry units includes models for a wide range of applications. The basic TBS12 is best described as an SDI-12 to LoRa WAN Bridge: it allows SDI-12 sensors to be connected to a LoRa WAN network. As SDI-12 is widely used in the agriculture and environmental sectors, this makes it easy for companies to bring their existing sensor investment in to the LoRa WAN ecospace..




The TBS12 is available in a number of different versions:
  TBS12S: with solar power and rechargeable battery
  TBS12B: with power from a set of 3 of D sized alkaline cells
  OTTO-LO: a LoRa WAN head designed to fit inside  top of an above ground
   Otto soil moisture probe




The TBS12S is a solar powered version of the TBS12 which is built around a polycarbonate case with integrated solar panel. A 7 pin M14 connector on the bottom of the case connects to the SDI-12 sensors.




The TBS12B is intended for use in applications where a solar panel is not a viable option. This may be for indoor locations such as greenhouses or for tree crops where the canopy blocks out the sun.




The TBS12PC-FS is a dual input module which may be used in two modes: as a dual input pulse counter for rain / flow monitoring or as a dual input alarm unit.




The Otto LO is a telemetry enabled version of the Otto Soil Moisture probe. In this configuration the standard “T” shaped PCB at the top of the probe is replaced with a TBS12 LoRa WAN board. An antenna socket is fitted in place of the probe cable.
 The Otto-LO is powered via an AA sized single use Lithium battery.
 The Otto-Lo is the ideal choice for monitoring in shallow rooted vegetables and row crops. It is quick to install and commission and can be easily removed and relocated come harvest.