SensoTerra offers a unique range of Soil Moisture Sensors with Integrated LoRa WAN communications, which are ideal for use in annual crops.




 The sensors are made in various lengths: 10, 30, 60 and 90cm. The 30cm is the ideal choice for annual vegetable crops and the 60cm unit for deeper crops such as potatoes. The sensors measure the total moisture through the profile.




One of the limitation of capacitance probes, which has restricted their uptake in annual crops has been the difficulty in obtaining soil calibrations. The SensoTerra probes come with a range of calibrations for different soils and once you know the makeup of your soil (fraction of sand, loam and clay) you can get going straight away with the matching calibration. That means you get full and refill points right away, rather than having to wait for weeks. This is particularly important for young seedlings, which will not tolerate water stress .




 Each SensoTerra Probe comes with an integrated LoRa WAN communications module. The probes are pre-configured and ready to run. They utilise Over the Air Activation (OTAA)  so all you need to do is add the device to your LoRa Server and you will be ready to roll. Simply grab the probe, turn it upside down a few times and it will start sending.




If you operate your own LoRa Server, you add a HTTP endpoint for SensoTerra and the data will be automtically sent to SensoTerra’s servers as it comes in.
 At the end of the season, simply pull the probe out of the soil, turn it upside down and it will switch off until you install it again.




 Farmers and irrigation managers are increasingly expecting to be able to do be able to do everything when in the field and SmartPhones are the tool which has best enabled this trend. No more heading back to the office to sit in front of a PC.




SensoTerra’s App can be installed from Google Play or the Apple store. It installs quickly and is very easy to use. Each probe comes with a QR code which can be scanned using your phone. It will then be added to your dashboard. Complete the relevant site information, then set the soil type. From there, you will be given a trend graph, complete with full and refill points.
The probe purchase price includes 2 years of access to the SensoTerra app, with annual fees to apply from there on.




For more information on the SensoTerra probes, check the productbrochure.
For information on how to install the probes, check theInstallation brochure.