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What it is


The MP03 is a single level, capacitance style soil moisture probe.
The probes return soil moisture and soil temperature and are encapsulated for maximum reliability


Where to Use It


The MP03 is suitable for shallow rooted crops and turf. Multiple sensors can be installed on the one site at different depths. As the sensors utilise an SDI-12 interface each is simply given a different address.


How to Install


To install the MP03, simply dig a hole down to the desired depth, place the  sensor on edge in the soil and then backfill with the soil removed from the soil.


Data Logging


The sensor’s SDI-12 interface allows it to be connected to any SDI-12 compatible logging device. Configure the driver to return Soil Moisture (%) and soil temperature (degrees C).




The MP02 sensors come with a default air-water calibration and users can select  generic soil calibrations for sand, potting mix and clay. Users can perform their own soil specific calibration and save the obtained calibration coefficients on to  the probe.