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Mobile Phone (Cellular)

ML315   MLN417  WDL314







YDOC’s ML315 and MLN417 family of remote telemetry units are versatile and powerful. The MLN315 operates on Telstra’s 3G 850 network whilst the MLN417 operates on the new  4 networks: with models for Telstra’s 4G  700MHz and Vodafone's 4G 900 MHz systems both available.The ML417 family also offers a Universal Cat M1 model.
 The WLD314 is a water level logger designed for installation in a 50mm well cap.
The RTUs communicate  over the mobile phone network an can send data via TCP, FTP and Email
Follow this link to the ML315 page  or the MLN417 page or the WDL314 page for more information.



Mobile Technology


3G, 4G and 5G - what it means for telemetry


Radio Telemetry

LoRaWAN Products





lora node_100


LoRa is an emerging radio technology which, through use of advanced modulation techniques offers long transmission range from low power devices - the term “LoRa” is a contraction of Long Range.
LoRaWAN adds extra capacity to the LoRa  radios and provides an IP based communications layer. IP or Internet protocol,  is one of the significant technologies underpinning the “Internet of Things” (IoT) which adds communications capabilities to a range of new devices - everything from wearables to flow meters to parking meters and traffic sensors.
Tekbox’s LoRaWAN module may be used to connect any SDI-12 compatible sensor to an internet based server.
Follow this link for more details on the LoRaWAN products.